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Solar Panels- Solar Pump -Pipeline and water reservoir:

The water well in the Inchurra village was drilled in 2011, it is in sight of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The well at this time has a hand pump for pumping the water. We hope to install solar panels, solar pump, three large water tanks to hold the water when it is pumped , these barrels will be elevated to about fifteen feet above ground in order for gravity flow down. This will enable the Maasai to disperse more water faster to the locals who come each day for their daily needs of water for their families, usually long lines of women show up early in the day to get clean drinking water. When the well was drilled it was tested and we were surprised that it was purer than the bottled water we were buying at the safari lodge.

Once the solar panels and pump and tanks are installed, they will dig a trench to a location away from the village and lay a pipeline to a water reservoir where the wild animals can drink, as in drought times many of the elephants die due to no water.

Total Cost of this project is $30,000 US Dollars.

This Project has been accepted by the Kids of Woni Kenya as their fund-raising project. If you would like to help Kids for Woni Kenya please visit the website and donate.




Salama town is about two hours driving from Nairobi towards Mombasa, it has approximately 4,000 inhabitants, mainly a farming community. They have a Community Based Organization set up already, will be referred as CBO.

The project will entail a Geologist to go there and site a well, preferable our Geologist Pal Pauer as he searches for Primary Water which when found is abundant. The Government did drill a well some years back, but after testing the water after a 24-hour pump testing it was not fit to drink. So, a new well will have to be drilled. Once a well is drilled it will need a pump, solar panels, a large tank to hold the water as it is pumped, an intricate set of Kiosks and pipelines in order to serve the town. The project calls for three kiosks going in different directions in the town, so people don’t have to walk far and carry the large water cans of water to their homes.

The people in the CBO are dedicated to getting water for their town, at the present time what water they get is from Mt. Kenya which is many miles away and a lot of times there is no water.

This projects cost is 75,000 US Dollars

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