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emergency food programs




With Pandemic happening all over the world our Maasai friends have had a very hard time of things.

They depend on the tourists that come to Kenya to see the wildlife and to visit their village.

During their visits they usually purchase items of beaded jewelry from the ladies.

So far in the last four months we have been able to supply them with food

which is purchased in Nairobi and driven four hours one way to deliver it to them.

Their food isn’t like ours, it is beans, rice, cooking oils, some canned milk,

and their main staple of Ugale which is a white corm meal and cooked till thick.

Our first shipment was in December last year, and the second yesterday April 14th 2021.

The second shipment was thanks to a very wonderful lady who has a big heart.

Each shipment and delivery costs $1500 US

so it isn’t a small thing, but it will keep the Maasai healthy until the tourists come again.

This second shipment was special

as the county that the Maasai are in is in a lockdown state,

so special permission had to be gotten from the Bureau of Tourism

in order for the vehicle and driver could go from one county to the other as both Nairobi and Kajado Counties are in lockdown due to Cov-d

If you would like to help us help them please donate what ever you can.

It will be greatly appreciated.

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