10th Anniversary Celebration Remarks

The 10th anniversary celebration concert is over, it was a great show, well received by all, many comments came back positive (there were none negative). The World Dance Group did a fantastic job, loved them, you could see they enjoyed what they were doing. Our new found MC Dan Flynn, was funny, super at the job, Welcome Dan to Santa Barbara, and after last night I am sure you won’t have any problem doing MC sets here, look out John P. And, Thank you for coming forth and helping us with our program. To Alice and Marcia who made cookies, they seemed to be going fast, I was able to taste one and wanted to go back for more but the table was busy. We didn’t fill the theater, but those there really enjoyed the show, and one comment I heard from three ladies who were leaving was “ that was one of the best shows I’ve seen here at this theater”. That really made me feel good about our choices of entertainment. Chris Njunge and his group were as always great, and Ricardo Lemvo, the singer who is well-known was very special, I hope everyone was able to get one of his CD’s before leaving. Our special thanks to Omar, his music is always great, despite his sore ankle, cut on the wrist, his guitar wasn’t missed in the performance. We had people who drove from Los Angeles just to come to the show, one lady brought her two grand daughters, she is a person who worked in both Western and Central Africa for the State Department. We also had a number of people from the Kenyan Embassy, they enjoyed the show, and also support our efforts. It is so nice to be greeted with hugs from those that came. Our own “Kids for Woni Kenya” were there selling their t-shirts, they are growing up so fast, one is now going to the Junior High school where we held this event. It is so wonderful to have these two young people helping with our cause, and their Grandmother who helps them getting to the places where they can sell the T-shirts. We had people of all ages there, the youngest was just five years old, and he was smiling the whole time. Brian Muli was the driving force of this concert, he worked day and night to make it be what it was. He reached out to all of the local media places for promotions, he sent numerous emails out to those on our mailing list. Brian did a fantastic job putting this all together, so the next time you see him, Please thank him for all his efforts. As he justly deserves your thanks. My Special Thanks to Brian for a job very well done. Jambo and God Bless all of you for helping, Evie Treen, Founder

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