Jacinta is a young Kenyan who is pursuing nursing at the Kenya Medical Training College. She’s one of the many young Kenyan children who have shown great appreciation from the Education Support Program Friends of Woni Kenya International runs with various pre-schools and promising students with great determination in Kenya from families that struggle to meet their education needs and requirements.

Jacinta a seventh born in a family of eight children is now 23 years old. Her both parents have been very supportive in her pursuits as well as all their other children but due to inadequate income from their farming lifestyle due to inconsistent rains and recurring droughts it reached a point when they really struggled to meet her educational requirements in high school after emerging as the top student in her primary (grade) school in their final examination in the year 2005.

In the year 2006 she was admitted in one of the top high schools in her county and fortunately her father was able to sell some of his cattle to cover her school fees for the better part of her first year before a fee balance started building up. In the year 2007 she met the late Magdalene Ngina whom together with Evie Treen founded Friends of Woni Kenya International, Inc and presented her current high school situation and Magdalene felt compassionate about her situation. Magdalene presented her story to the Board Members and as an organization we felt obliged to support her through high school by covering her high school fees. Fortunately, Jacinta completed her high school in 2009 swiftly and excelled with a mean grade of B.

After working for a few years at her home area and applying twice at the acclaimed Kenya Medical Training College, Jacinta was finally admitted in the year 2012 and she is currently pursuing a Diploma in Community Health and Nursing. Friends of Woni Kenya International so far has covered for her first and second year’s college fees. The family has been fortunate enough to be able to support her upkeep in college during this time and we are looking forward to her graduating successfully.

Unlike many other young children and parents in Kenya who give up their pursuits in education due to limited resources, Jacinta has shown the drive not to call quits. She has shown great appreciation through her communications as well as sending her school & college reports and her performances prove her desire to become a professional in her field of specialty and it’s our hope that she will make us proud with her accomplishments one day!

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