Our global advocates experience the joy of helping people reach their greatest potential by exploring the power of servant leadership, management and problem solving using their learnt proven techniques for engaging communities in the United States and in Sub-Saharan Africa. The passion that drives our global advocates, drives the world since they love helping people to the best of their ability because they know the value of opportunity. From empowering women & girls, sustainable agriculture, water, food programs, medicine, or coordinating seasonal events.

What gifts, what hope and love do you have that you want to put into action? What skills do you ache to use, and ideas to express? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit burning deep within -  but feel unsure as to how to actualize your vision? The FRIENDS OF WONI Global Advocates aim to support growth. Advocate come together from all over the world, joining in with vision for personal growth, human connection, and global impact. We are empowered by partners who are willing to use their skills in Sociology & Psychology, Agriculture, Human Rights, Public Health, International Development, Business & Entrepreneurship and Education.

Featured visionary global advocates

Santa Barbara, California

Miguel was a founding member of the Board for Leadership of Santa Barbara County and was later named as Santa Barbara County Distinguished Leader of the County of Santa Barbara. He has served as director of Old Spanish Days for fifteen years, the board of the Westside Boys and Girls Club, over 35 years member of Santa Barbara Puerto Vallarta Sisters past Board Member. And currently he serves as a Board Member of Friends of Woni International.


Santa Barbara, California


Friends of Woni International current President of the organization, Marcia Nielsen has been serving as a Board Member for the past ten years together with her husband, Craig Nielsen who was the second president after the nonprofit was founded. Marcia has been instrumental in the progress of the programs, and events we do in the community over the years and after traveling to Kenya last year she says, “I was truly transformed and humbled from meeting the people and seeing the projects that Friends of Woni has successfully done.”


Boise, Idaho

Empowered to promote positive social change for girls in a country where deeply entrenched beliefs and attitudes hold them back, Diana has been compassionate about FRIENDS vision for supporting education and mentorship programs – shaped by economic, institutional and cultural contexts and the casual chain in rarely linear. She understands Girls’ World intricately and has learned that one of the key barriers is social isolation. 


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