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This event will embrace the direct views of a diverse cross section of Africa’s countries. We believe it will serve as a channel for many of these impactful stories, and we feel we have unique perspectives to add to the growing discussion highlighting an Africa of innovation, of international meaningful conservation of ecosystems. Through our inclusion of experiences, and our direct observations, we hope this event will be a tributary to an even greater river of stories and viewpoints.

We will inevitably generalize about Africa in this event, and we’ll do so with the best intentions toward a critically optimistic perspective. We’ve drawn on our shared years of traveling to the continent and an abundance of first-hand safari experiences and philanthropic projects. This event is our best endeavor to undulate from a wide lens to community level, incorporating personal stories to give a contemporary overview of Sub-Saharan Africa and we hope to take in the spirit of launching meaningful conversations.

Sunday, October 30, 2016 
From 2:00 PM-4:00 PM PST
H. Savinar 
4625 W Washington Blvd
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Marcia Nielsen will share with us her meaningful travel experience to Kenya and how together with her friends they immersed themselves in new cultures, participated in a sustainable development project, were hosted in communities where they witnessed the positive impact that Friends of Woni INTL has made through safe water projects, and educational initiatives and saw the world through a new lens while traveling through the varied regions as well as visiting preserved wildlife habitats encompassed within Kenya.

Brian Muli will share his first-hand experiences of traveling across Tanzania’s adventure destinations, and its adjacent Islands of Zanzibar and loop climbing Mount. Kilimanjaro to Africa’s rooftop “Uhuru Peak”. In addition, he will briefly touch on the wave of transformation driven by tech, the rise of Silicon Savannah and a new cadre of remarkably talented Africans is thrusting the continent from the world’s margins to the global mainstream.

Ethiopia was named as the world’s best travel destination in 2015 by the European Council on Tourism and Trade. What makes the country unique? Frank Stewart, retired UCSB professor explored the county’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites last fall and he will share with us his travel experience through Ethiopia’s spectacular landscapes to some of the oldest Christian churches worldwide, meeting Ethiopians living in varied regions and much more...


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