Our global advocates experience the joy of helping people reach their greatest potential by exploring the power of servant leadership, management and problem solving using their learnt proven techniques for engaging communities in the United States and in Sub-Saharan Africa. The passion that drives our global advocates, drives the world since they love helping people to the best of their ability because they know the value of opportunity. From empowering women & girls, sustainable agriculture, water, food programs, medicine, or coordinating seasonal events.

“I have always wanted to help girls through confronting real-life issues and challenges that they face every day,” Diana. FRIENDS has been able to gradually impact the way societies views girls and the way girls view themselves through educational, hygienic and mentorship support programs in the Central Coast as well as Internationally. FRIENDS creates a multiplier effect to change social norms and has set out to change the world for girls so girls can change the world.

Empowered to promote positive social change for girls in a country where deeply entrenched beliefs and attitudes hold them back, Diana has been compassionate about FRIENDS vision for supporting education and mentorship programs – shaped by economic, institutional and cultural contexts and the casual chain in rarely linear. She understands Girls’ World intricately and has learned that one of the key barriers is social isolation. We found that one in five girls self-identifies as not having any friends in Sub-Saharan Africa. FRIENDS works with the grain of culture rather than against it, to build trust and create change from within.

About Diana Anderson

Author, coach and speaker Diana Anderson on May 7th, was the keynote speaker at the FRIENDS GALA 2016. She is the author of five books, a motivational speaker and coach. She speaks to large groups or small about how to create healthy relationships. She coaches passionate people about creating relationships that are fulfilling. Diana has also been a devoted member of Friends of Woni Kenya International and has positively impacted the lives of young girls and influenced investment in them. In the past year Diana has driven forward the ambition to give girls access to the critical hygienic assets they need to achieve their full potential in the new high school that we are raising funds to build a girls’ dormitory on the school’s grounds.

In Kenya, girls are often seen to have only two roles during their lives: daughter and then wife. The community high school showcases a different reality; that girls are Kenya’s greatest untapped source of economic and social growth. One way of doing this is to expose girls to positive role models who have broken through the invisible barriers holding them back. In this high school that FRIENDS will be building a high school will impact not only the way village members in rural areas view girls, but the way girls view themselves.

By showcasing role models that are breaking down barriers for females, Diana helps girls everywhere believe in themselves and unlock their true potential through positive, inspiring and educational empowerment in order to stay in school, get access to health services, delay marriage and childbirth and eventually it’s not only them who benefit – so do their children, families, communities, and countries.

During the FRIENDS Gala, this year Diana was able to present a case scenario of two girls in the same high school, one who is in her first year and another who is in her final year and how the older has been a mentor to the younger girl and how it has been instrumental to her studies despite the challenges of having to walk to and from school every day while having to cover at least four miles.

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