Community Based Organizations (CBOs) are at the heart of our organization and the core of our work because they form the foundation for social, environmental and spiritual prosperity in their own communities. We create holistic, human-centered programs in collaboration with visionary (Woni) CBO leaders to build thriving communities for generations. Our CBO partner organizations originate from and function within existing social networks, and are typically led by one or two respected individuals.

CBOs work to meet locally identified needs, and as such, are perfectly positioned to make sustainable social change. Because CBO leaders are deeply connected to their communities, they are able to identify and mobilize them in a way that outsiders would easily overlook. Friends of Woni’s CBO partners are doing transformational, frontline work in each of their pockets of the world – from ensuring that people have enough food to eat and water to drink, to transforming unsustainable farming methods, to educating adults and children, to ensuring access to quality health care.

Featured visionary community based organization leaders

Ngu Nyumu



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