I met an old friend, finally

For the past three plus years I have talked on the phone, talked on Skype and emailed Pal Pauer the Geologist who lives in Northern California. Pal is originally from the country of Hungary and has been educated in the USA, he studied under Stephen Reiss and learned the ways of Primary Water.

This past week Pal in the areas of Ojai, Carpinteria and also San Diego sighting wells for farmers and schools. On his way back from San Diego he stopped and stayed the night with us, us happens to be myself, Brian Muli and Omar Arreola. What fun we had talking and talking about just, everything. We are old friends, but just had never met.

Pal sighted the two wells in Kenya for us, the one in Ngu Nyumu village and the Maasai well in Amboseli, in 2011 when the wells were to be drilled I was there in Kenya but it had started raining so the drilling job was postponed. Pal was on his way over as I was leaving Kenya, so we missed each other.

What a wonderful friend, and to finally meet him in person was very special.

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