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Many areas of Kenya need water. We are all aware of the problems in Somalia, and Northern Kenya with children fatalities from lack of water and food. If there were more wells drilled, they could plant vegetables, own cattle and goats, they would be able to help themselves, instead of what is going on now. Many governments think the solution is to bring in water and food but this is only a temporary solution, what about next time and there will be next time just as bad if not worse. The sad part is that a whole generation of children may be lost due to this drought.

FRIENDS OF WONI KENYA INTERNATIONAL, INC have the experience to handle funds donated for water well projects, to find a good drilling company, we have the knowledge on the proper plumbing to install for long lasting life of the well. We are able to work with the people for a better understanding of how to maintain the well once drilled. We help form the Community Based Organization, with a Board of Directors, evenly balanced with men and women; woman gather the water so they will know if something is wrong with the well. The men repair the well. We help set up By-Laws governing the well, as in most places in Kenya and Tanzania each person pays a small amount of money per container, for clean drinking water. With this money, they are able to maintain and repair the pumps and generators when there is a problem. We encourage they set up a water management bank account to deposit funds paid by the water customer.


Help us raise money to drill more wells in Kenya? Please contact us at 805-961-9407, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.